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Student Services Logo


Student Services Logo

John Leslie
Assistant Superintendent

Bob Anderson
Prevention & Intervention Administrator

Amy Estep
Office Support Staff
303 764-3550
email Gene Jacquez
Bullying Prevention
Safe & Drug Free Schools & Communities
email Irma Anthony
Social Work Services
email Tim Turley
Restorative Justice
Safe and Drug Free Schools & Communities Website
Student Services Website

Welcome to the DPS Prevention & Intervention Home Page

Denver Public Schools, Department of Student Services, Prevention & Intervention Initiatives sponsors a variety of research-based, empirically validated prevention programs. These curiculla are designed to impact violent behavior, sexual harassment, bullying, and substance use.
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DPS Prevention Overview
Bullying Prevention
Olweus Bullying Prevention Program
Steps to Respect© Bullying Prevention
Second Step© violence prevention
Sexual Harassment
Restorative Justice
Link to Sexual Harassment Policy
Victim Assistance
Community School Assistance Teams
Life Skills Training© substance abuse prevention
Safe City
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